#DareToBe Chat

What is #DareToBe Chat?

Since November 2014, a powerful group of diverse individuals unite on Twitter every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET to be themselves when discussing everyday topics. The chat has given me further inspiration to expand the dare to be mindset into other outlets: blogging, video and writing. Stay tuned for exciting growth!

How do I Join #DareToBe Chat?

  • Create a Twitter account
  • Log into Twitter at 8 pm ET Tuesday nights.
  • Search for #DareToBe to be taken to the chat OR click directly on the menu item under the #DareToBe tab on this site.
  • Look for the questions (labeled Q1, Q2, etc.) and respond accordingly with your answers (A1, A2, A3, etc.)
  • Use the hashtag #DareToBe after each response so it gets recorded as part of the chat conversation and others can respond to, retweet or favorite your comments.
  • Have fun!

Origin of #DareToBe Chat:

In 2013 my family was relocated from Houston, Texas, USA to Baku, Azerbaijan. During my year overseas I learned a valuable life lesson. Although the external world as I knew it had become foreign to me, my internal world remained the same. The year brought deep reflection into who I was and what I was meant to be.

Change is inevitable and in fact, vital for life to progress. Despite the many changes that may be going around you, you can always find comfort in being you. That will never change. The noise, perceptions and assumptions that we are surrounded by, and often brought up in, are distractions that often make us lose sight of what we’re all about. This is why so many people feel like they don’t have a spark, a dream or motivation to help them move forward.

During my time in Baku I kept my US-based communications job despite the 10-hour time difference. Connecting with people, as I had been accustomed to, became a challenge. Rather than feeling sorry for myself, I found solace in social media. Twitter, in particular, opened up my eyes to a whole level of connection that I did not know was possible. I was introduced to people that were as passionate about leadership as I was through online chats. I have sincere gratitude to #spiritchat, #peopleskills and #leadfromwithin chats for paving the way to an interest I did not know I had.

This is how DareToBe was born. Despite our diverse backgrounds, skills, roles and titles, we are all the same inside: human. I started the concept through the #DareToBe Twitter chat, creating a forum that connects everyone and challenges you to embrace your humanness–daring to be yourself.


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