2016: The Year to Make Wishes Come True

Make a wish.

Whether before blowing out our birthday candles, dropping a lucky penny in a fountain or seeing a shooting star, there are many examples of when we may have made wishes in our lives.

What is a wish anyway? Most often than not it is tied to what will make someone happy, or at least what we believe will make us happy.  People tend to go all out when making a wish, whether they’re realistic or not.

“I wish I won the lottery.” “I wish I could see my grandmother one last time.” “I wish the fighting around the world would stop.”

It’s as if the fate of them coming true is dependent on some magical power.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. Dreaming big gets you places. But you can’t get to a place without some sort of action.

In 2016 make many wishes but rather than waiting around for a birthday candle to do its magic, take the lead on discovering when your wish can begin its journey.

  1. Change your mindset. Happiness can be right before your eyes. A wish doesn’t have to be unattainable if you focus on making the complex simple. Wishing for world peace? Start with one person, and perhaps that means first finding peace within yourself.
  2. Commit. Don’t wait on others or a miracle to make your wish come true. Be your own miracle. If your wish is grandiose, adjust the perspective and break it down into mini milestones. Don’t let how you word your wish dampen your motivation. Although physically seeing a beloved one who passed away is not possible in this lifetime, there are ways you can remember him/her to still feel a connection in your heart. Redefine what it means to “see.” Make your own rules to your path to happiness. Commit to finding ways to reach what you want.
  3. Give yourself permission to wish anytime, anywhere. Wishes don’t have to be monumental, abstract or difficult to accomplish. My 4-year old perhaps exemplified it the best. When asked what she wished for in 2016 she said, “I wish for a chocolate chip.” We tend to take for granted the little wishes in front of us that are able to come true each day. Find your “chocolate chip.” Don’t wait until a special occasion to wish for something and get it. Life happens now.

In 2016, forget resolutions and start wishing. Wishing gets to the heart of the matter – unraveling your passions and your happiness.


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