Starving for Attention

The negative coworker.

The crying child.

The dog that destroyed your slippers.

Your top-notch employee.

Your cat laying on your lap.

Your child playing peacefully in his room.


What do all these have in common? They are social creatures that, inherently, thrive with some level of attention. Whether that be a sympathetic ear, validation of their feelings, recognition of a job well done or simply acknowledging their existence, they all need to feel connected.

Sadly, the loud, the pouting and the negative often get all the attention. Although they do need special care, we must not take the overachievers, the “shining star” employees or the happy people for granted. For a garden to grow and stay healthy, all the plants need water…not just the weak ones.

It’s time to broaden our perceptions on attention, as its scope is different for everyone. I personally do not like being the center of attention but I still  like to feel validated and appreciated for the work that I do. Sound familiar?

Dare to turn your mind around. Tomorrow spend quality time with your child, family member, friend or pet that is the least high maintenance. For no reason, send a note to your top-notch employee just to say how much you appreciate their contributions to the team. Tell your boss,  “Nicely done.” These are scenarios we take for granted.

You may ask, “How about the negative people? The pouting child? The dog that chews my furniture?”

We need to continue to take care of the noise, but don’t let it muffle the beautiful sounds that are waiting patiently to be heard.

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