You’ll Know When You’re Ready

About a year ago one of my best friends at work moved on to start her own company. She had no regrets, no hesitations. For she knew her time had come, it just felt right. While others may have had one million reasons on why leaving a great job to start something from scratch was risky, she had one million reasons on why not pursuing her dreams was even riskier.

Upon reflecting on my own career aspirations, I shared my passions and all my “what ifs” with her. The more I spoke, the more I realized that life is too short to have “what ifs.” There will never be enough time. There will never be the right moment.

The key is listening to your inner readiness. Are you ready to break away from it all or are there steps you can partake in to start giving shape to your vision?

“You’ll know when you’re ready,” she said. Perhaps the wisest words I’ve heard over the past year.

The lesson? Don’t beat yourself up over New Year resolutions you haven’t met.

You can’t rush what’s meant to be. Your “what if” may have not matured to break into the world quite yet. With some more internal brewing, you’ll know when your time has come.

And when that happens, no powers or negative thoughts can mess with your moment to shine.

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