Leaders Have Feelings Too

For some, getting to the top becomes the pinnacle of their career. The recognition of being given a title may feel good. Being included in a group of folks that are considered the top tier of their industry may fulfill drives and ignite passions. What’s the common denominator? Feelings. And yes, your boss, has them.

Despite appearances, big titles can serve as major roadblocks to communication.

At work, we tend to adapt our comfort level to someone’s title and/or role. At the end of the day we’re all people deserving the same level of respect. Too much respect, in the case of your boss, can at times shield authentic communication.

No matter how open your boss is, employees by nature set limits. A CEO may say “my door is always open” but in reality, how many folks will have the courage to pay a visit to his/her office? It is incredible how many employees would rather work under false assumptions than ask questions, trying to get to know how their bosses really feel.

Leaders have feelings too. Under all the expectations, processes and deadlines, your boss likes to hear “Are you doing ok?” or “Good Job!” just as much as you do. Whoever coined the term, “It’s lonely at the top” got it right. Nobody is perfect. The way to someone’s heart, even the toughest of people, is kindness. Although they may respond with a quick “thanks,” knowing you cared for them as a person will make their day.

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