Are You Making a Memory?

Scenario 1: You put in extra hours at work on a Friday night so you could respond back to all your emails in your inbox.

Scenario 2: You dedicate your Saturday to cleaning the house, doing laundry and prepping items for the coming week.

Ahhh, the feeling of closure (at least temporary) sure feels good.

In reality though, there will never be closure as long as you keep on living. Life is about movement. If you are too consumed in controlling what’s around you, you’ll miss out on the scenery.

While responding to your emails, did you realize your child was peeking at you around the corner holding a storybook in his hand? When cleaning the attic did you know there was a beautiful day outside?

A year from now will your tending to an email now be something you remember, or rather, a moment with your son?

Be responsible but keep things in perspective. Life is a ride. If a picture was taken of that ride today, think of what that image would look like. Are you making a memory?

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