Find Your Spark and Ignite it In Others

Motivation, whether it’s found inside yourself or dependent on others/things, is the spark that enables us to keep going.

Just like a car that needs gas, there comes a time when our own fuel tank becomes empty. Stress, negativity, unfairness or a complacency toward the status quo can all contribute to feelings of unworthiness, boredom and exhaustion.

Even the strongest of leaders eventually need to refuel, whether it’s through taking a much needed break from work or refocusing thoughts.

What’s the first step? Recognize that you are in a slump. Think of what makes you excited. What would you need to do to get there? If you’ve been wishing for something, stop procrastinating and just do it. If there are certain people that are bringing you down, don’t give them permission to do so. Take control of your feelings and refocus the energy on what you’re passionate about.

If you are lucky enough to work somewhere that offers constant motivation (whether through recognition, praise, respect, promotions, etc.) then consider yourself lucky. If you have found a mentor or coach that is your head cheerleader, consider yourself luckier.

At the end of the day though, you need to believe in yourself and be able to reignite the spark on your own. Take control of your thoughts, focus your energy on the positive and let your fueled-up engine guide you to places you’ve never been before.

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